1. Lenticular Printed Bottle Labels


    1. Competition is fierce within the wine and spirits industries. You now have very knowledgeable and educated buyers, and you have buyers that simply shop the label. With animation playing on the label, you now have an alternative method of catching a consumers attention for those brands or varietals that have an edge to them.
    2. The artwork is very critical to yielding a label that can achieve the visual impact needed to garner attention. At Tracer, we specialize in optimizing artwork, and developing animations that are unique to your Brand.
    3. Lenticular labels have given documented success to a new wine for one of the largest vintners in the US. The value of an interactive label keeps delivering way beyond the time of purchase.
    4. We can now print on lens material as thin as 10mil, and convert onto roll stock to fit within your current labelers requirements.
    5. Contact us, and upload artwork, and let us show you what our team can do to bring your labels to life.

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