Lenticular Clings


How Clings Work

Whether for the front window or a cooler door, clings offer repositionable, reusable and easily replaceable marketing opportunities. Door decals can be single sided for cooler doors, or double sided for windows and doors at the front of the store. This colorful and versatile advertising option is simple to switch out as seasons, holidays, and your latest offers change. Perfect for any retail environment!


Stand out with Lenticular Window Clings

Take your storefront from common to scintillating with lenticular window or door clings. Cooler door clings impact a consumer's buying decision at the point of selection.

The 3D, and multiple-message capabilities of animated lenticular clings will draw consumers’ eyes to your Brand and product. Our motion technology can transform a static image into a visual story, while a simple flip technique can quickly double your sign’s messaging potential. When the special or offer is over, just peel off the window cling and replace it with the followup program.

What is the first step? Call or email us about clings. Our client-focused staff will help you make your campaign a success.