1. Lenticular RETAIL Shelf Danglers/Wobblers

      How They Work

    1. Wobblers and Danglers are basically one in the same. The concept is simple: they are essentially a small Point of Purchase sign, that is attached to a retail shelf by inserting a small tab into the front edge of the shelf. They have a neck portion that allows the sign to dangle or wobble out from the front of the shelf and product. This wobble is even more beneficial with a lenticular effect, as any small movement by the wobbler quickly animates the lenticular effect. The intent of the wobbler is to draw the consumer to the product with motion as they walk down the aisles. The animation effect further drives home your marketing message. Their proximity to both products and customers make them a highly effective point-of-sale marketing tool.

    2. “Captivate" with Lenticular Wobblers

    3. Literally "wobbling" at eye-level, wobblers are eye catching by nature. 3D or animated lenticular wobblers can increase the appeal and potential success of these playful advertisements since they essentially allow your team to easily communicate two key messages to your customers. Perhaps you showcase a product's special features AND your half off deal? Easy. With our lenticular 2flip technique we can deliver both selling points, thus doubling the effectiveness of your wobblers. Maybe you need to show (and not just tell) the unique functionality of your product? We can use a morph or hybrid effect on your lenticular wobblers to demonstrate a dramatic before and after progression.

    4. Upload concept art and together we can build your vision.