How Headers Work

Everyone who runs into the grocery store sees them. The standalone floor displays touting anything from disposable razors to chocolate bars. Often given valuable, high-traffic locations, these displays with their all-important header cards have the power to reel customers in and drive sales. Like shelf danglers and wobblers, they are another key tool in your point-of-sale campaign.


Stand Out with Lenticular Headers

To literally make your marketing message stand out, you can use 3D & motion lenticular headers. While conventional header cards only have the capacity to communicate a single message or image, lenticular headers can deliver multiple messages within the same advertising footprint.


Tracer: Your Source for Headers

Have any questions about headers? Don’t hesitate to contact us today via phone or email. During our creative consultation, we will work with your team to pick the best lenticular header for your marketing needs. Our number one goal is to give your campaign stunning visual appeal with the latest lenticular technology.