Revolutionize Your Marketing Handouts

If you are attending a trade show or conference, one way to get yourself remembered is with small format lenticular handouts. With printed materials, the key is to always set yourself apart from your competition, and one way to do this is with eye catching animations. Lenticular print products are absolutely the best print media to tell your story. Animated prints can show a before and after, or the function of your product in action, or perhaps just a vivid 3D scene with a portion of the image in animation to highlight your product or service.


With 3D & motion handouts, you can help to build your brand which can help to grow sales and cement your company as a force within your industry. Tracer offers a variety of lenticular products to help revolutionize your marketing campaign. Browse our site to see some examples of our high quality lenticular printing. If you don't have a clear direction, contact our design team to develop a tailor made handout that exemplifies your brand.

As attendees return to their business and sort thru the materials they've gathered, your animated message is one piece they're certain to keep to the forefront!