Lenticular Greeting Cards


Greeting cards are a staple of every holiday and birthday. Despite the advent of eCards, the joy in giving a greeting card is in watching them open it, and seeing their response as they read and share your card. As we all know, there is a wide price range in greeting cards, depending on the complexity or special treatments in the manufacturing of the card. The more unique the card, the more you can expect to pay for it. With animated lenticular greeting cards, you can have both the uniqueness of a funny or eye-catching animation, and a price point that makes the buying choice easy.


Picking out a card can be overwhelming. There are so many cards on the rack, it’s difficult to decide where to begin – until something really catches your eye. Your imagination can run wild with creative, and inspiring artwork. Tracer can work with you to dial into a signature look for your brand, and will suggest animation options you might not envision yourself. I can assure you having a lenticular gift card will make a customer select your card on the fixture. In Tracers experience, lenticular gift cards outsell non lenticular gift cards on an average 3 to 1.


Whether tipping an animated greeting onto the front of the card, or running a full lenticular card to take advantage of the back of the card, these lively animations can absolutely catch the eye of a consumer browsing the display.