Large Format Lenticular

Bring your images to life on a large scale

Whether the back wall of a trade show booth, or simply a large, jaw dropping addition to a display, adding large format lenticular graphics captivates prospects more effectively than static graphics or video on a digital display. There is such a fascination in seeing movement on a printed graphic, that customers will instinctively interact with a lenticular animation in a way that will reinforce your Brand longer, tell your story more effectively, and instill your product more memorably than any other media.

Tracer has developed a patented alignment system for direct to lens printing, that allows us to align the lens to the bed of the printer perfectly straight. What that means to you is animations that perform crisp and clean, with no undesirable corner to corner roll.

While there are many lenses available to us, Tracer has certified 3 primary lenses for our award winning large format production. Our focus has been on both quality and cost to give our customers an affordable solution, while delivering quality that we are proud to stand behind and keeps customers coming back.

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Size: 46"w x 68"h

The Spiderman poster was run in 2008, and was the largest lenticular poster ever printed on an offset press.

From the 3 primary lens options that are currently available, Tracer will select either the Fine Line lens, or Standard lens when quoting standard projects. If budget is not the primary concern, we can also quote the Premium 3D lens to maximize volumetric 3D at sizes up to 30”w x 40”h.


Fine Line Lens:
62 lpi/27 mil
Sizes up to 20"w x 28"h
3D, Flip, Morph, Zoom, Combo, Hybrid


Standard Animation Lens:
40 lpi/33 mil
Sizes up to 48"w x 72"h in a single panel, tiling available for larger sizes
3D, Flip, Morph, Zoom, Combo, Hybrid


Premium 3D Lens:
40 lpi/52 mil
Sizes up to 30"w x 40"h
3D, Flip
**ships flat only**


300 DPI preferred, as low as 150 DPI acceptable (upon review)

Large format projects includes artwork review:

  • Advise of any adverse ghosting due to requested effect from supplied artwork
  • Recommend hybrid effect as applicable. Often times artwork doesn't lend itself to fitting into one of the standard effects (Flip, Zoom, Morph or 3D)
  • Volumetric 3D – some artwork is suitable for a simple layered 3D, but for a true 3D image, we create a wireframe of each of the elements, and wrap the artwork around the wireframe. Volumetric 3D is the most time consuming and labor intensive of all lenticular effects.
  • Schedule to be determined based on current work volume – will accommodate rush projects as much as possible at no additional cost
  • Contact to schedule project consultation

***Proofs are recommended for projects with multiple quantities, as the first off can be sent for approval before the balance of production begins***