Creative Consultation

Consulting with clients early in the creative
process, Tracer maximizes efficiency and impact.

The success of a lenticular project relies in large part on the quality of the artwork. Since many of our clients are new to the process, we make ourselves available during creative development to recommend applications and help optimize art for lenticular translation.

Our years of industry experience enable us to offer valuable guidance resulting in efficient production and a more effective end product.
Many other lenticular printing companies expect customers to understand the lenticular process when in fact it is very complicated. As a long time lenticular printing service, we understand what it takes to produce lenticular products that truly stand on their own.

Before hiring a lenticular printing company contact Tracer to discuss how we envision utilizing your artwork to tell your story. Give Tracer a call and chances are high that we can provide what you need at a price that you can afford.